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Before Getting Pregnant

Understanding the importance of health before getting pregnant and how it can impact on future generations, can help prevent the development of inflammatory conditions.
Together we’ll assess food and lifestyle for both partners and address things that may need further investigation.
Getting you and your partner in tip top shape is key.

Ultimate Package - First Year

The first year is massive! One moment you’re your own person, the next you’ve got 2, 3, 4 or more!
This package is the ultimate for those who want regular appointments throughout their baby’s first year, and someone to bounce ideas off.
From 36 weeks pregnant to 12 months and beyond.

Newborn (Birth - 4 months)

This first stage of parenthood is often the most stressful. So many changes occur overnight and suddenly you’re expected to be a pro in the space of 24hrs!
These packages cover from 36 weeks pregnant through to month 4 to help guide you through realistic expectations and newborn behaviour along the way.
Lots of options to suit from single visits to 6 appointment packages.

Starting Solids (5 - 12 months)

Starting solids is a topic often left for parents to stumble through themselves and yet the importance of good eating habits starts here.
These packages cover everything from readiness for solids, to actual introduction, choking vs. gagging and progression through foods, textures and allergens.
From 5 months through to baby’s first birthday.
Lots of options to suit from single visits to 6 appointment packages.


Want a midwife/nutritionist to come and talk to your parent group about topics relevant to your baby’s age and development. They can be anonymous over live chat or in person – lots of opportunities to ask your most burning questions.
Settling techniques is also a topic often left untouched and yet many of the reflux, colic, allergy type symptoms can be related to settling or ways of feeding. Get hands-on tips and tricks to help your little ones.

Maternity Nanny Care

Every now and then you need a break. You’re not a failure, you just need to re-calibrate as a human.
Blossom Baby offers day and night newborn care to give parents a well deserved rest and/or help implement sleeping or feeding strategies.


Starting up a mum and baby business or have one going already, need to know what parents experience in hospital, what they do/don’t provide, what parents can expect or potential safety of a product?
Please contact me directly with your event and details – Interviews, collaborations, demonstrations, seminars.


Need something different or want more information?


For me, Blossom is about preparing parents for the uncertainty and hiccups along the journey. Calm, supported parents often feel adaptable, able to cope with change, that parenting is just another step in their life.


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