parents with two babies in the first year

Ultimate Package

First Year

30 minute phone consultation to get to know each other prior to your first appointment

Eleven in-home/café visits with email/text follow up throughout the first year – total support

Each appointment is 1.5 hours

These appointments are above and beyond your regular midwife and Well Child Nurse visits

NOTE: Timings can be adjusted i.e. first 5-6 appointments within first 2 weeks, second 5-6 appointments around 5 months.


36 weeks pregnant – First appointment

  • We will work together to understand your expectations of baby, breast/bottle feeding and life after baby arrives. A meet and greet to get a plan in place for the first few weeks.

1 week – Second appointment

  • Focusses on your first two weeks and adjusting to a bigger family. Can be taken in the second week if you prefer. Looking at feeding and settling techniques, gut winding and your health/nutrition.

3 weeks – Third appointment (month 1)

  • We will look at feeding and settling, how you and baby are going with working as a new family unit. Address growth spurts and upcoming changes. If breastfeeding, you’ll be finding a new pattern now.

7 weeks – Fourth appointment (month 2)

  • Your fourth appointment focusses on the transition from your midwife to Well Child Services (Plunket/Tamariki Ora). Sleep changes and education around normal baby behaviour.

11 weeks – Fifth appointment (month 3)

  • The fifth appointment looks at ongoing growth spurts, changes in sleep patterns and expectations. Also discusses starting solids later on, and what to start thinking about before the 6 month mark.

15 weeks – Sixth appointment (month 4)

  • Our sixth appointment looks at your expectations around starting solids. We’ll discuss meal planning and preparing. Also, touch on any other baby related sleep, settling, feeding issues or questions you may have.

Little Foodie

5-6 months – Seventh appointment

  • Your seventh visit looks at actually starting solids and can be the first time you offer food. We’ll look at choking vs. gagging, introduction of allergens and progression of foods depending on feeding method (baby led vs. conventional).

6-7 months – Eighth appointment

  • This appointment, around a month after baby’s first introduction to foods, looks at a moving onto new textures/foods. Assess any other baby questions or issues you’re going through at the moment.

8-9 months – Ninth appointment

  • This visit happens around six weeks after your last appointment when baby will generally be progressing onto more family based foods. Again, we can assess and discuss any other baby questions or issues you’re having at present.

10-11 months – Tenth appointment

  • Around 6 weeks after your last appointment, we will be looking at moving onto new foods and textures. We’ll look at your baby’s nutritional needs and plan accordingly for the upcoming months.

12 months – Eleventh Appointment

  • Your final visit looks at bigger nutritional changes that will happen and changes in dietary requirements moving forward beyond baby’s first year. We’ll also look at calcium intake and potential moving onto or swapping to formula/fresh milk.

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Prefer something smaller?

The Additive

(Single appointment)

Individual appointment as needed for parents/mothers needing help on one specific issue.
Can be used as an antenatal appointment or added at any stage for extra support with feeding in week one (for example).
You will receive an email follow up.
Topics may include feeding (breast, bottle or mixed), colic and winding, management of dairy protein allergies, reflux or sleep issues.

1.5 hours

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For me, Blossom is about preparing parents for the uncertainty and hiccups along the journey. Calm, supported parents often feel adaptable, able to cope with change, that parenting is just another step in their life.


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